Audioguide Tour

Put the headphones on and explore the cellars!

If you like to follow your own path without looking at others choose the audioguide. Professional recording and a sense of complete freedom are the main advantages of this option. You decide what’s interesting for you. Maybe you are into photography and feel like organizing a small underground photo session? With the audioguide you can turn your idea into reality without the pressure of time. There will also be a place for a companion. All you need is a second pair of headphones and you can hit the road! Only you and the great underground adventure.

Price list
Offer for one person
Regular 18 zł
Discount 15 zł
Offer for two*
Regular 25 zł
Discount 20 zł
* If one of the visitors is entitled to a discount both visitors get a discount.

Useful information

  • Available languages: English and German
  • The tour takes about 60 – 90 minutes.