About the Cellars

Discover the town hidden under the ground.

Situated on a trade route and famous for its grand fairs, Jarosław needed storage spaces for storing goods. Under the burgher houses corridors were tunneled, creating a network of underground labyrinths that were independent of each other. Today these cellars are the cultural heritage of Jarosław. One of the biggest tourist attractions is the Underground Tourist Passage, created as a part of the EU project “Yaroslav – Uzhgorod: common initiative for improving the touristic attractiveness of historical partner cities”. The route leads under three splendid merchant burgher houses: the Orsettis’, the Attavantis’ and the Gruszewiczów’s. This innovative attraction combines conventional exhibition with the huge number of multimedia devices and vivid interior arrangement, thanks to which the tour is not only based on a dry narrative but is a great entertainment for children and grown-ups.


The Underground Tourist Passage – discover the variety of themes and attractions.


We forget about the here and now and enter the world of merchants, craftsmen and hunters with the beautiful map by Hondius from the 17th c.


In the hall with ceramics you will learn about the history of the oldest crafts and feel like a real potter firing a pot.

Bourgeois Kitchen

Find out what goods are hidden in the pantry, how they were stored and preserved and how people dealt with pests in the 17th century.


Hunting had always been a part of the history of Jarosław. Here you’ll find out how it developed and you’ll meet hunters from different eras.

Fairs of Jarosław

We invite you to one of the Europe’s famous fairs, full of bustle and goods from all over the world! Don’t forget to try out our magical wardrobe.


Fulfil your dream about discovering prehistoric animals with our modern app and see with your own eyes mammoths, giant deers and aurochs.


Which dish was used to prepare scrambled eggs in the 17th c.? What did children play with in the 18th c.? Here you will find the answers.

Archaeology of the San river

Experience an amazing punt trip down the San and Vistula river accompanied by the sound of oars, singing birds and characters from the legends in each port.

Jarosław and the San river

The most inquisitive guests can see technical data of ships and town plans showing changes in the course of the river while kids can do a jigsaw puzzle.

The story of saving the Old Town

The cellars that contributed to the wealth of its owners almost became the bane of the old town if it weren’t for the joint effort of many people.

Mock-up of Jarosław

The mock-up of Jarosław shows the town as seen by the 17th-century townspeople and the changes that occurred over the centuries.

Multimedia Hall

After a visit in the past there’s no other choice but to discover the present-day Jarosław – the town of many possibilities.

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