Jarosław Fair in the Passage

You will have the opportunity to experience, taste and listen to the Jarosław Fairs, which will revive not only on the market square but also in the cellars.

The cellars in Jarosław are intertwined with the famous fairs. It is here where you can find out how they looked like and what is the story behind them. For a few days in August, during the Jarosław Fair, the underground fairs will revive as well. Special attractions await our guests. We are getting back to the roots, to the time when the storehouses located in the cellars were fully-loaded with various goods, delicacies and… wine! In the specially arranged bourgeois kitchen the food tastes differently and the sound of lyre echoing through the underground corridors stirs the imagination. The underground fair will be also a perfect opportunity to admire the Jarosław Fair (the great celebration of trade, theater and music) in all its glory from the Town Hall Tower.