Jarosław – the Town of Merchants

The merchant splendor of the Orsettis’ Burgher House and the buzz of fairs in the cellars.

Enter the colorful world of the old Jarosław – the town of merchants. Find out how the life in the capital of the great trade looked like. In the Underground Tourist Passage you will visit the famous fairs, meet merchants from all over the world and travel along the San river merchant route to Gdańsk. You will also look at the old Jarosław through the eyes of the prominent Italian merchant – Wilhelm Orsetti. Find out what brought him to Jarosław from the sunny Italy and why did his house become the town’s biggest trademark. You will step inside his magnificent residence which now houses the Museum and see the fascinating museum collection with two executioner’s swords – the essential attributes of the “master of justice”, keeping order at the Jarosław Fairs.

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Useful information

  • Prior reservation is required.
  • Up to 15 people can enter the Passage at the same time.
  • Organized groups of over 15 people are divided into smaller ones and enter the Passage at least 15 minutes apart.
  • The group leader visits for free.
  • The tour of the Passage is conducted under the supervision of a UTP-Guide.
  • The tour takes about 90 minutes.